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Payment Options

Partner.Spinmaster.com only accepts American Express, VISA and MasterCard credit cards. We do not accept cash, check or COD for online orders.

Customer with Payment Terms - Payment Terms are defined as the conditions under which a seller will complete a sale. Typically, these terms specify the period allowed to a buyer to pay the amount due, a deferred payment period of 30 days or more, or other similar provisions. As a customer with a pre-approved credit limit, you may have an outstanding balance owing to Spin Master, based on your pre-approved credit limit. If you have a Credit Limit, you may pay the balance owing on credit by using a credit card under the "My Account" section, under the "Pay Balance Now".

Order Online

We strive to make ordering at Partners.SpinMaster.com as quick and easy as possible. In order to use our Site, you must have an Account setup by Spin Master. All of your account information, including payment terms, shall be received, accepted and setup by Spin Master prior to your use on this Site. If you do not have an Account and are not an existing Spin Master customer, you can register online or call the toll free number 1-855-SM-STORE (767-8673) or 647-789-2731. You may browse our merchandise selections; however pricing will not be available until you are a registered customer. Once you are a registered customer, you can place your order for merchandise by clicking on "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions below:

1) Sign In

You are now at the Sign In page. If you are a registered user, you are prompted to enter your "Email address" and "Password". If you are not already registered, you can do so by clicking on the "Register" button. If you are a new Spin Master customer, please complete the Customer Information and Click Submit and a Spin Master representative will contact you to confirm your Account and to request a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate and Sales Tax Certificate. If you are an existing Spin Master customer, but do not have an Account, please call our toll free number 1-855-SM-STORE (767-8673) or 647-789-2731.

Note: In order to use this Site, you must be a registered user. For instance, if you register with us, we'll save some of your contact information so that you don't have to enter it again. A Registered User, will have access to pricing information, product availability and ordering capabilities. For more information about how your personal information is protected, visit our Privacy Policy.

2) Create Your Order

You may now make your order selection and browse our catalogue. Here, you can review the entire list of items you have placed in your Cart, and view information about each item. You can make some changes to your order, such as changing the quantity for items, or removing items from your Cart. If you make any changes to your order, click the "Update Cart Items" button, to see your revised total. If you wish to continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" button. If you are finished selecting items click "Checkout" button and proceed to Step 3.

3) Order Summary & Check Out

You are now on the Order Summary page and Check Out page. After reviewing your order, you can review your total order for accuracy and make any last-minute changes. In order to process and finalize the order, please click "Check Out". You will be prompted to select, Credit Card payment or Credit Line. Each Customer will have already been pre-approved and will know which method of payment to select based on your customer profile. A summary of your order will appear and you will need to click "Agree" to the "Terms and Conditions" and click "Submit Order" to process the order.

4) Order Confirmation

You are now on the Order Confirmation page. A confirmation order number will appear on screen and be sent to you via email from smstore@spinmaster.com. At any given time, you can log into Your Account and review your order by clicking, Order History.

5) Logout

Once you have received your Order Confirmation, you can Log Out or continue to browse the catalogue.

6) Track Order

Once your order has been shipped, a tracking number and URL site link will be sent to you via email. The URL will allow you to track your order with the carrier transporting your shipment.

To Edit Your Account

To update your Profile information, go to My Account, View Profile and Edit Account. Once you have Edited Your Account information, please remember to Save your changes before Logging Out.


Delivery is Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm local time, no weekend delivery unless specifically worked out and arranged prior to shipment. Delivery will be made to the back door or any near dock area closest to shop-store location. If the delivery location requires a lift-gate or any non standard and specific delivery instructions or methods, these instructions must be communicated. For non standard deliveries where driver's physically assist or require special equipment then possible additional charges will be required.

When will my order ship?

Orders usually ship within 48-72 hours.

Delivery estimates:

We do our best to accurately estimate when your items will be delivered. Estimated delivery dates are generally a range of dates under our shipping method; your shipment will be in transit between 4-7 business days depending on distance travelled once it has shipped from our facility. The main factor that affects transit time range is your proximity from the shipping facility.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

Deliveries can only be made to locations with a street address or rural route number, unit or store number with zip code. We cannot deliver to PO boxes.

What shipping methods are available?

Due to possible weight, number of cartons shipped or dimension your order will be shipped via Common Carrier.

What are the shipping & handling rates?

Shipping & Handling rates determined by a standard table based on order value and delivery zip code. If your shipping destination is either Alaska, Guam, Hawaii Islands or Puerto Rico an additional delivery charge may apply. Non standard deliveries requiring special equipment or labor will entail additional charges, for example delivering to a historical site or building with no shipping dock or several stairs to get to store front.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, a tracking number and URL site link will be provided on your shipping confirmation email if you have provided an email address in your order. The URL will allow you to track your order with the carrier transporting your shipment.

Orders shipped by common carrier can be tracked via the delivery provider's website (www.chrobinson.com). Please note that after your order has been shipped, it may take 24 to 48 hours for the carrier to update its tracking information.

LTL Accessorial Sheet
Service Charges
Cubic Capacity Any shipment occupying 750 cubic feet or more and has an actual average density of less than 6 pounds per cubic foot.
Penalty/Application = Shipments total cube used x 6 lbs per cubic foot to determine density weight. Then density weight is rated at class 125 using the 9/3/07 Czarlite rate base and discount not to exceed $4,000.00.
Extreme Length/Configuration When a shipment contains any unit or piece with a dimension exceeding 15feet in length, the following charges will apply. If the longest article is more the 15 feet, but equal to or less than 24 feet an additional $50 will be charged. If the longer article is 24 feet or more and additional $85 will be charged.
Linear Foot A shipment containing articles measuring more than 20 linear feet.
Penalty/Application = Shipments that exceed 20 linear feet will be subject to the full visible capacity load. The rate will be determined according to mileage. Mileage will be determined off of the PCMiler Version 20. For Mileage rates , see CH Robinson Item 100 Linear Foot Table.
Inside Pick Up and Inside Delivery $3.55 cwt, $40 minimum, $350 max
Liftgate $60.00 Flat
Metro Pick Up or Delivery Surcharge $50 applies to these zip codes: NY Metro: 100-119; Upper Peninsula: MI 498, 499; MA 021, 022, 024-026; DC: 200-205; Florida Keys: 33001, 33036, 33037, 33040, 33041, 33042, 33043, 33044, 33045, 33050, 33051, 33052 and 33070; Houston: 770, 772 MD: 206 - 212, 220 through 223, San Fran, CA 94102, 94103, 94104, 94107, 94108, 94109, 94111, 94123, 94133
Re-consignment $30 plus freight charges from re-consignment origin to destination. Rated off of 9/2/07 Czarlite rate base.
Re-delivery $60.00 flat
Residential Delivery/Limited Access $40.00 Flat - This applies to private residences, apartments, camps, carnivals, chautauqua's, churches, colleges, constructions sites, dormitories, estates, farms, fairs, hospitals, home based businesses, individual / mini storage units, nursing homes, mine sites, mosques, parsonages, prisons, ranches, rectories, schools, synagogues, temples, universities.
Sort and Segregate $0.55 cwt, Minimum charge $35.00 Max $250
Storage Charges Storage charges on undelivered freight will begin at 7:00 AM the first business day after official written notice to CH Robinson from carrier. $25.00 per 24 hours or fraction thereof.
Weight/Class Inspection Fee exempt

Our website pricing

All prices quoted do not include any applicable fees, charges or taxes including but not limited to, sales taxes, or delivery charges. Shipping charges may also apply.

"Our current website price" is the selling price on Partners.spinmaster.com  and may vary from time to time. You must 'Add To Cart' directly from the website item page in order to receive the website price.

Website offers, prices and merchandise availability are subject to change without notice. We endeavour to display to you only those items which are currently available to order, and item status is refreshed frequently. However, it is possible that some items, and/or colors will be out of stock at the time you order. When your order is processed, you will receive an order confirmation verifying receipt of your order and confirming the availability and selling prices of all items in your order. In some cases, we may offer you a substitution of equal or better value.

While we try to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing or descriptions, and to cancel or refuse to accept any order based on an incorrect price or description. Such corrections may be made even after an order is accepted. There is a minimum order value of Five Hundred dollars ($500) before taxes.

Price calculations

The prices shown in your shopping cart are prices listed on our website for a case pack of multiple items. Items may only be purchased in multiple quantities, in a pre-determined case pack allocation. The Total Price is calculated from the single-unit price for each item, or for the price for a case pack and does not reflect multiple-purchase discounts or other offers. All prices quoted are in US dollars and do not include sales taxes.

Promotional Codes

In the event you have been awarded with a promotional code by Spin Master, such code, may be used on this Site and may be applied to your order during the Shopping Cart check out section. You will need to enter the promotional code, in the requested area and the Site will automatically generate the appropriate discount to your order.

Payment options

Partner.Spinmaster.com only accepts American Express, VISA and MasterCard credit cards. We do not accept cash, cheques or COD for online orders.

Credit Line - As a Customer on this Site, you may have a credit amount owing to Spin Master, based on your pre-approved credit terms. If you have a Credit Line, you may pay an amount owing on credit in full by using a credit card under the "My Account" section, under the "Pay Balance Now".

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA) Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), will be offered in circumstances where product is deemed by Spin Master, to be damaged or defective upon receipt. RMA�s will not be issued for overstock or excess inventory.

To request an RMA for damaged or defective product, please call us at 1-855-SM-STORE(1-855-767-8673) or 647-789-2731 or e-mail  smstore@spinmaster.com with the words �RMA Request� in the subject line. Please ensure to include your contact information and a detailed description of the issue, within the body of your e-mail. Upon approval of an RMA, you will receive an RMA Number and specific instructions on how to return the merchandise.

Merchandise that is not in its original Spin Master shipping carton will not be eligible for an RMA.

In the event goods are shipped back to Spin Master, Spin Master will not receive such goods without an approved RMA.

Under no circumstance should merchandise be returned without receiving an RMA.